highly specialized engineering and project management

We are Synergicity

About Us

About Synergicity

Data Science

We provide advisory assistance in areas such as Big Data, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence.

Systems Software

We handle architecture, development, management of software.

Systems Security

For your software security, we do architectural review and audit and analysis.


Who We Are

A Little Bit About Us

Synergicity provides highly specialized engineering and project management services in a number of areas.

  • Data Science
    • Big data architecture and implementation
    • Machine Learning – analysis, architecture and implementation
    • Behavioral Analysis and event processing
    • Systems approach to analytics
  • System Performance and Security
    • Architectural review
    • Performance testing and optimization
    • Cloud computing management and development
    • Security audit and analysis
  • Systems software: architecture, development, management
    • Digital TV & media
    • Embedded systems – HW/SW integration
    • OS internals and drivers (Linux, Android, …)
    • Network architecture, analysis, and performance
  • Product management
    • Standards integration
    • Test and QA
    • New product introduction
    • Total product integration



Our Services

We specialize in systems methodology, including Data Science, Systems Programming, and Project Management. Our hands on experience includes:

Data Science

 Extensive experience in machine learning and data architecture.

System Architecture

The initial creation of a secure and scalable architecture is essential.

Product Definition

We often assist, or lead, in the definition of a project.  

Low-Mid Level Systems and Hardware

 Synergicity can also assist with hardware, firmware, kernel, and device driver development 

Project Management

Our staff of skilled managers is adept at managing large and complex projects.

Process Implementation

We do standards certification, product introduction, and test/QA and documentation. 

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